"Thomsonite is an uncommon and desirable member of the zeolite group, forming in unique and interesting crystal aggregates. [...] An interesting habit of Thomsonite is as rounded, concentric bands, which are polished into aesthetic rounded stones. This form is most well-known at Thomsonite Beach at Grand Marais, Minnesota, on the shoreline of Lake Superior. It usually forms in association with other zeolites and green Chlorite. Thomsonite is named in honor of Scottish mineralogist and chemist Thomas Thomson." -  https://www.minerals.net/mineral/thomsonite.aspx

We have a fairly large collection of Thomsonite, and  it's circular patterns of pink, black, and green make it one of the most unique local gems. As a softer stone it's best for earrings and necklaces, or rings that don't get worn everyday. 

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"Isle Royal Greenstone, or Chlorastrolite is a Chatoyant variety of Pumpellyite exibiting chatoyant patterned veins similar to a turtle back, described from the copper-mining regions of the Keweenaw Peninsular of Michigan and Isle Royale in Lake Superior." https://www.minerals.net/mineral-variety/mineral/chlorastrolite.aspx 

Isle Royal Greenstone is the finest gem quality stone available along the shores of Lake Superior. The gem is found both on Isle Royale and in regions of the Keweenaw, but mining on the Isle has been illegal for many years, so the pieces we have from the Island are even more valuable and special. Isle Royale Greenstone is brighter and boasts a slightly different turtleback pattern than Keweenaw Greenstone, making it ideal for engagement rings.

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